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Critical Resourcing
Through targeted provision of skills in critical manufacturing disciplines where shortages are apparent or likely to develop RiverRouge is aiming to close a gap which often hinders organizations to achieve already challenging program timelines and volume targets. Through anticipating these resource constraints and future trends the team at RiverRouge is proactively developing its resources through its Critical Skills Academy in the UK and through a tightly managed international network of contractors.
Lean Manufacturing and Quality Control
  • Waste Elimination
  • Standardisation
  • Strategy Deployment
  • Visual Management
  • Lean Logistics
Efficient and robust Manufacturing and Quality Control form the core of the RiverRouge DNA. Principles such as flow and built-in quality are followed without compromises and often mean bigger transformations which in most cases are followed by surprising step changes in performance.
Supplier Management and Auditing
  • Supplier Assessment
  • Process Auditing
  • Audit Preparation
  • Supplier Development
River Rouge provides the full array of supplier management processes to establish a robust supply base. From the supplier selection and assessment to regular auditing and performance management and supplier development when performance lacks
Quality Systems Implementation
  • IATF 16949
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • VDA
  • CE Certification
  • BS 4872 - Construction
With years of experience in implementing process quality control as well as entire quality systems for automotive, rail and the construction sector, RiverRouge offers very practical and targeted solution in this area of expertise. As well as experienced interims, RiverRouge can also provide certified system and process auditors for the standards listed above.
  • Robust Engineering
  • Quality Gateway Process
  • Advanced Quality Planning
  • New Product Introduction
New product introductions are one of the main reasons clients approach RiverRouge. Underestimated project complexity and lack of up-front planning and use of standards often leads to significant launch problems. Our expertise in manufacturing and quality control has helped many clients to overcome these critical periods.

Our Values

123 Vision
Unlike recruitment agencies the RiverRouge team has significant industry experience itself and uses a core of permanent Interim Managers as well as a wider network of over 500 associates who worked with us before. This means we not only know the candidate’s resumes but have seen them performing in real life situations so we can ensure we are only providing high potential individuals who can handle our customers challenges.
RiverRouge is about making a real difference on a product level and on the shop floor. All of our Interims are credible industry experts with years of experience in challenging situations and a ‘doing’ attitude. Whilst we also have strong analytical skills we see the biggest value for our clients in the hands on delivery and coaching support close to the value stream to ensure improvements are delivering the expected results.
From the pricing model to the engagement process RiverRouge aims to keep things simple and practical. We want to be received as an easy to deal with partner who can quickly provide the right solutions for our clients without creating even more work in the process. Our team understands manufacturing and it’s requirements and as such usually does not need a lot of information of client time to provide the right candidate.

our history

What started as a small team of manufacturing consultants over 10 years ago has grown into a global manufacturing practice with projects in Germany, Holland, France, Italy, the US and the UK.

Our first client

RiverRouge was founded with Mercedes-Benz F1 (UK) as our first client.

Sharing in Growths program

RiverRouge grows further as manufacturing consultancy services are increased due to a strategic partnership with the SMMT and the support of the UK wide Sharing in Growths program.

Lean Manufacturing Expertise

RiverRouge extends its strategic partnerships with various global consultancies to support with lean manufacturing expertise.

Enters the German Market

RiverRouge expands out of the UK and enters the German market with automotive clients. Furthermore RiverRouge relocates to bigger premises in the Midlands and rents additional office space in London.

Enters the Italian Market

RiverRouge expands further and enters the Italian automotive/motorsport market.

New Opportunities

Our first client in France opens up new opportunities. In addition, business processes are strengthened with a new commercial director joining the company.

New Website goes Live

A new website is launched with a revised domain www.riverrouge.co.uk to increase the focus on Manufacturing Quality Control.

Extend into the Construction Sector

RiverRouge aquires part of a midland based Steel Fabrication Company to support their turnaround and extend RiverRouges manufacturing capability into the growing construction sector.