Project Management Consulting for the Renewable Energy Sector

RiverRouge Clean Energy s a Midlands based Lean consultancy office specialized in Project Management services for the following industries:

  • Renewable Energy
  • Engineering & Operations
  • Construction

Initial Project Design

Our team provides the complete range of support from inital feasibility studies, project planning to the definition of the tender process, the project framework including timescales, budget , tender process and strategies.

Project Management

We provide professional Project Management with on-time progress visualization so our projects are transparent at any time and performance can be measured. With our Lean construction methodology we are able to act quickly and with full control over the end to end process.

Quality Control

Based on our upfront project design process where we define the expected quality so we are able to provide a robust basis to control our Project Quality and Quantity. However, the main driver for Quality is an uncompromising culture towards customer satisfaction and robust products as well as robust processes. This culture is exercised from the very top down to the construction site and defined as our primary goal and differentiator.

Our Capabilities

  • Project Initiation
  • Project KPI´s
  • Design Evaluation
  • Define Feedstock Demands
  • Introduce EA specialist
  • Define plant technology
  • Create Project RACI (who does what)
  • Assistance to secure Construction Finance
  • Business Case Calculation
  • Project CapEx
  • Tender Process and technical DD
  • Supplier Sourcing
  • Supplier Assessment
  • Supplier Selection
  • Price Negotiation
  • Logistics Planning
  • Contract Management
  • Provision of CapEx Information to the Board of Directors and Investment Committee and program schedule to display the construction budget and the project time schedule
  • Pre- Commissioning Support for gas to grid plants – NRO preparation support, Pre-Commissioning Plant 1 document support, PS6 and GL5 co-ordination, Pre-commissioning advisory management, Provide direction for site manager
  • Guarantee various technical project management and lean management solutions to operate the projects highly efficient and transparent during the construction
  • Accelerate work program and progress Regular progress reporting (on client request) Lead project team and subcontractors and Organize regular project meetings
  • Quality Control
  • RHI
  • Enviromental permits
  • Energy supply import/Exp Contracts
  • RTFO support
  • Providing GQ8
  • Providing HAZOP
  • Create plant documentation
  • Handover