Critical Resourcing

RiverRouge is a Critical Skills Provider for the Manufacturing Industry. With the fast evolving manufacturing landscape in Europe RiverRouge has specialized in closing the gap of critical manufacturing skills shortages through it’s UK training academy as well as its extensive resourcing network.

Through targeted provision of skills in critical manufacturing disciplines where shortages are apparent or likely to develop RiverRouge is aiming to close a gap which often hinders organizations to achieve already challenging program timelines and volume targets. Through anticipating these resource constraints and future trends the team at RiverRouge is proactively developing its resources through its Critical Skills Academy in the UK and through a tightly managed international network of contractors.

TiG and MiG Welders/Fabricators

Government driven Infrastructure projects as well as a growing demand in the commercial building sector is driving up demand for skilled welders and fabricators. RiverRouge has specialized in providing certified Welders for critical support in the Construction and Rail Sector all over Europe. All our welders have the minimum Health and Safety Certifications such as HASWA and CSCS and comply with the respective industry welding standards.

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Automotive/Aerospace Composite Technicians

As the growing Composites Industry is requiring highly qualified workers such as Composite Technicians to sustain out-put and product quality RiverRouge has build up an unrivalled network of highly experienced manufacturing staff in this field.

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Project Managers Manufacturing

Over the years of Manufacturing Projects RiverRouge has built up a reliable Network of Manufacturing Project Managers. From Improvement Projects to New Product or Plant Introductions RiverRouge can provide quick and highly experienced support to support our clients programs.

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Additive Manufacturing

The new technology of 3D printing is growing at such a fast pace that markets and skills developments are lacking behind significantly. RiverRouge has built a strong reputation in the market very early on is now providing Product Designers as well as Manufacturing Expertise and Specialist Operators for this manufacturing sector. Don’t get overtaken by the competition!

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Automotive Quality Engineers / NPI Launch Support

RiverRouge has an unrivalled reputation if it comes to Manufacturing Support for the Automotive Sector. With years of experience in this field RiverRouge has a wide network of proven and thoroughly assessed Quality Experts of all levels and skills. From Supplier Management to internal Quality Control as well as Inspections support and Metrology skills RiverRouge is a proven reliable provide of excellent resources in this field.

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